Finnjävel restaurant and design collection by Ateljé Sotamaa opened April 6 May 20 2016

Finnjävel is located in the central harbour area of Helsinki, in a stone house built during the Russian rule in 1830. The building itself is protected but everything else is custom-designed for the restaurant, furniture, cutlery, dishes and lighting. Every portion on the menu has a plate, bowl or dish designed for it. Or vice-versa, a portion has been inspired by a certain object.

Behind this ground-breaking design is Ateljé Sotamaa. Designers Kivi and Tuuli Sotamaa, brother and sister, are pioneers in the creative use of advanced digital technologies in design and manufacturing. Their designs bounce from the ultra-minimalist austerity to voluptuous, organic forms and blows new energy into the world-renowned Finnish design.

Ateljé Sotamaa’s designs for the restaurant can be purchased. April 6, 2016