Hover L


Hover L

The Hover Lounge Chair is soft, robust, comfortable piece of furniture. The design is based on the idea of contrast between the geometrical wood surfaces and the plush, non-geometrical wool pillows. The tectonic nature of the wood emphasizes the warm, sensual affect of the pillow.

The design intentionally ‘hovers’ between categories; the soft and hard, the familiar and strange, the digital and vernacular, the sculptural and every-day. Our ambition was to create a piece of design, which is easy to approach, but at the same time triggers your intellect by refusing an easy categorization.

The Hover  Lounge Chair comes in three versions; natural lacquered birch with orange wool pillows, natural lacquered birch with light gray wool pillows, and black painted birch with dark gray wool pillows. The pillows are filled with feathers and down.


Wood structures: Solid birch with clear lacquer or black paint

Pillows: Wool with down

Size: approximately 800 (width) x 782 (depth) x 768 (height)

Weight: 15 kg

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