Ptarmigan Floor Light


Ptarmigan floor light is inspired by the flight of a bird. Its formally fluid black aluminum shade lightly kisses the brass ball joint, which holds the form as if suspended in air. Its design ideas are a continuity of ideas of movement and fluidity, which are integral to modern art and design, and works of architects like Zaha Hadid, designers like Serge Mouille, and artists like Constantin Brancusi. 

The lamp consists of a steel tube which is linked by a brass ball joints to the aluminum shade with a high power LED. The aluminum shade is hand forged over a 3D printed form work. The ball joints are solid milled brass, the pipe and base are powder coated steel. The light source is a SAAS Instruments custom designed LED.

Ptarmigan floor light is continuation to our December 2015 Project Ptarmigan table light.

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