Yrjö Glass Table


Yrjö is both a glass table and a living room sculpture. It has an irregular solid brass structure, which branches around organically like a digital tree, or a 21st century version of Buckminster Fuller’s space frames. The shape of the glass top is asymmetrical and fluid, a relative of Isamu Noguchi’s famous coffee table. The directionality of zigzagging space frame, and the dynamic figure of the glass work together to create a sensation of movement.

3D printing is used in the creation of the molds for casting the brass corner joints of the spaceframe. The work is done in global co-operation between Finland and India. The casting with the help of 3D prints is done by craftsmen in Mumbai, who have generations of experience in their trade. The technology allows us to communicate with them directly by using 3D prints, it enables a unique communication and collaboration through objects, benefiting both parties.

Year: 2014
Materials: Structure: hand made, cast brass, lacquer finish. Top: ultra clear tempered glass
Size: Structure: length 870mm x height 560mm. Top: thickness 12mm, length 976mm x width 675mm
Weight: 19kg
Delivery time: The Yrjö Glass Table is made to order, delivery time approximately 8 weeks.


The name Yrjö is given after our father professor Yrjö Sotamaa who early in his career was a Visiting Professor at the Purdue University 1969-1970 and worked closely with Victor Papanek and Buckminster Fuller.

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