Sira Chair


Sira is a hand made black leather chair with solid brass feet.

Sira is designed to tiptoe on the ground like a ballet dancer. The brass legs barely touch the ground, and only ‘kiss’ the leather seat, creating an illusion of weightlessness just like a skillful dancer would.

The leather is Italian, extremely soft and high quality. The formally fluid legs are made from solid, cast brass, using 3D printed wax as formwork. All parts of the chair are made by hand by skilled artisans in India.

There are variation and “imperfections” in the brass finish and leather due to the hand made process. Each chair is an individual.

The chairs are made to order and the delivery time varies from one to two months depending on the size of the order.

The chair is a part of a bespoke collection of furniture designed for Hanasaari Cultural Center.

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