Atelier House


Atelier House by Ateljé Sotamaa is a new concept for wooden housing within the digital paradigm. Each house is a unique variation of the type, designed based on people's dreams and needs. There are over forty variations on the design, which can be used as a point of departure when designing Your own unique house.

Atelier House costs approximately 3000 € per square meter in Finland, depending on the nature of the finishes. We have built a 100M2 prototype house with 50M2 deck near lake Hvitträsk in Finland in order to refine construction methods, and accurately estimate costs. The built prototype house near Hvitträsk is priced at 320 K€ and includes a 100 m2 built space with a 50m2 deck area:

  • 50 m2 indoor space with kitchen

  • 20 m2 outside living room

  • 10 m2 bathroom with heated floor, toilet, shower, and washing machine

  • 20 m2 garage

  • 50 m2 deck area 

The price estimate includes design, materials, construction, plumbing connections to on-site pre-existing infrastructure, and basic foundation work. 

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Seaside properties

We also offer access to a limited number of seaside properties for Atelier House construction in new, visionary area 30 minutes drive west from Helsinki. The construction rights on the properties vary in size and construction is estimated to begin in the Autumn of 2016. Expressions of interest can be submitted via email and info(at)

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