Black Chrome Desk


The Black Chrome desk is imbued with a surreal materiality. A sharp levitating plane morphs into four liquid metal legs. The design is both seductive and magic, an object you need to touch. How does it stand up, what is it made of?  The design of the Black Chrome takes something mundane - a simple desk made of solid birch and milled steel  - and turns it into magic. 

The design works against the Scandinavian clichés of honest materiality and structure. However, it is inherently Nordic in terms of its formal elegance and its poetic nature, which resonates with the world of sagas, shamans and dark metal music. Outside the north, Black Chrome finds its kindred morphs in Ernesto Neto’s erotic hanging fabric sculptures, Salvador Dali’s surreal melting objects, and that scene where Neo’s hand deforms wall in the movie Matrix. 

Dimensions: 1000 x 450 x 700 or 1250 x 450 x 700 (the length of the desk can be customised)

Weight: 8kg

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