Hanaholmen Sofabed (three seater)


Hanaholmen sofabed consists of clearly delineated Cartesian elements, which change in composition as the sofa playfully transforms; first from a sofa to a a lounge chair, and then from a lounge chair to a bed. The design of Hanaholmen draws inspiration from 20th century constructivist artist such as Sam Vanni or Vladimir Malevich.

Hanaholmen makes no compromises. Most sofabeds are compromises, poor as sofas, and worse as beds. Hanaholmen is great for both purposes. It has three configurations, all of which work well. It is a comfortable sofa, a relaxed lounge chair, and a solid full height double bed.

The structure of the sofa contains a storage space for bed linen. There are currently two sizes for the sofabed; a three seater and a more narrow two seater.

The colors for Hanaholmen are customised to order. There are three different strategies for choosing colors: Neutral tones with an accent (e.g. nuances of gray with a splash of orange), neutral tones only (e.g. nuances of white), strong colors only (e.g. nuances of red).  

The fabrics are hotel quality and fireproof. They are washable but not removable. Replacement fabrics can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, who holds the templates in its computer system.

The aluminum structure, and mechanism of the sofa is extremely strong and easy to use, and come with a ten year manufacturer's warranty. The sofabed is manufactured by I.S. Mäkinen, one of the words leading manufacturers of high quality furniture for cruise ships.

Materials and dimensions:
Structure: Aluminum, vaneer.
Padding: 50kg foam.
Fabric: High quality, fireproof fabrics.
Size (3-seater): length 2155mm x depth 926mm x seat height 500mm
Weight: 80kg
Manufacturer: I.S.Mäkinen

Hanaholmen sofabed was developed for the Hanasaari/Hanaholmen Swedish Finnish Cultural Center's hotel. Orange is the signature color of the cultural center.

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