Hover 8


Hover 8 bookshelf is a modular, scalable system made of solid birch. The smallest bookshelf is a freestanding two unit element, the largest can be an entire wall.


The Hover bookshelves can be either one or two sided, making them practical installed both against a wall, as well as freestanding. The Hover bookshelves are made to order based on the required dimensions.


The design of the Hover 8 bookshelf is founded on the tension between beautifully ornate, massive wood surfaces, and thin, abstract geometries. Together the two create an unexpected sensation of weightlessness and dematerialization.


The price for the freestanding two unit bookshelf is 600€. Prices for other configurations are given based on request. The bookshelf is available in different woods. The designs in the images are either birch (light color) or oak (dark color).


Materials and dimensions:
Material: Solid wood
Size, 2-unit version: Height 654mm, depth 350mm, width 300mm 
Weight: 8kg

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